We are excited to share with you our fun summer events that are scheduled to come up ~  Of course new acts stop by last minute all of the time here so don’t be surprised if you stop by the lounge and encounter something completely unexpected!

*Special Announcement* We are now offering drop in belly dance exercise classes on Wednesday evenings at 7pm ~ It’s a women’s only class and will be held in the privacy of our 250sq foot boardroom. Cost is $15.00 and includes use of the vapour lounge during the class times.

June 2016


Wednesday June 15   7:00pm-8:30pm ~ Belly Dance Class (Women only)

Saturday June 17       8:00pm-10:30pm  ~ Sitar Show

Wednesday June 22  7:00pm-8:30pm ~ Belly Dance Class (Women only)

Monday June 27        7:30-10:30pm ~ Canna Karaoke with host Grayson Walker

Wednesday June 29  7:00pm-8:30pm ~ Belly Dance Class (Women only)


July 2016


Saturday July 02     8pm-10:30pm ~ Sitar with Beatboxing Show

Tuesday July 03       7:30- 9:30pm ~ Hempology 101 Monthly Meeting

Wednesday July 06  7:00pm-8:30pm ~ Belly Dance Class (Women only)

Thursday July 07      8:00pm-11:00pm ~ “Terribly Beautiful” Women’s Collaborative Art Show

Sunday July 10          4:20-11:00pm   ~ 7/10 Dabbers Ball – sponsored by Skunk and Panda Shatter Shack & Potent Industries

Monday July 25         7:30-10:30pm  ~  Canna Karaoke with Grayson Walker

Saturday July 30       8:00-10:30pm ~ SummerWeen Costume Party


August 2016


Tuesday August 02     7:30-9:30pm ~ Hempology 101 Monthly Meeting

Friday August 12         6:00pm-11:00pm~ “Through the Looking Glass” Heady Glass Collector Show and Shine

Saturday August 13     11am-11pm ~ “Through the Looking Glass” Heady Glass Exhibition

Monday August 29      7:30-10:30pm Canna Karaoke with Grayson Walker